Music Therapy Rocks

What does a Music Therapist do, and what should I expect from a Music Therapist?

Here are some examples with pictures:

Movement to Music

Vestibular Activities 
   with  Music

                                             Making song   


Rhythm Instruments


  Rhythm Exercises

  Range of Motion 

    When someone asks about Music Therapy, the first thing the therapist should do is an initial assessment.  This will show the present level of functioning of the individual, and assess to see if and how that person will benefit from music therapy.
    Once it is established that music therapy will be benefical, then the therapist will come up with goals and objectives for a treatment plan.  In most cases, there are other therapists involved, and/or the involvement of staff and/or family.  The music therapist will collaborate with the other team members, to put together the best treatment plan to meet the overall goals and objectives, by using the areas of strength of the individual.

   Certified Neurologic Music Therapist

      Cathy has recently become a Certified Neurologic Music Therapist. This was an intense program/training up at CSU in Fort Collins, CO.

*  Neurologic Music Therapy is defined as the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions due to neurologic disease of the human nervous system.

*  Neurologic Music Therapy is based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production and the
influence of music on functional changes in non musical brain and behavior functions.

*  Treatment techniques in Neurologic Music Therapy are based on scientific research and are directed towards functional and therapeutic goals.

*  Treatment techniques are standardized and applied to therapy as Therapeutic Music Interventions, which are adaptable to the patient's needs.

*  In addition to music therapy training, Neurologic Music Therapists are educated in areas of neuroanatomy/physiology, brain pathologies, medical terminology, and rehabilitation of cognitive and/or motor functions.

*  NMT is a comprehensive standardized treatment methodology, and is firmly integrated in evidence based model.

*  NMT is medically recognized in the World Federation of Neuro-rehabilitation.

To Become certified, the therapist uses specific techniques, with different populations, for a more intense outcome using Music Therapy. Cathy plans to go back to CSU within the next couple of years for her Fellowship. This will consist of bringing 3 case studies to the Professors, in order to display using these specific techniques, correctly.
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